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Replying to LO12965 by Julie Beedon

Julie asked difference between Transformation and Transition.

My knowledge and understanding of the words with respect to change are as

Transitional Change: Is the management of the interim period the current
state to an known new state. The interim period is called transitional
state. Change is managed over a controlled period of time. The change is
facilitated in response to a need or opportunity.

Transformational change: A new state emerges out of the remains of chaotic
death of the old state. Time is not easily controlled. The new state is
unknown until it takes shape. Managing this type of change is when the
organisation has missed the wake up call and cant continue in the same
way. Facilitation here is to move the organisation toward an unknown
emerging state.

The above notes are from Linda S Ackerman Anderson, Being First(1992).

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