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Fri, 21 Mar 1997 19:24:02

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>Along similar lines to David's observation, in How the Leopard Changed Its
>Spots: The Evolution of Complexity by Brian Goodwin (great reading, BTW -
>ISBN 0-684-80451-4)

I suppose it is not a coincidence, because I read this list because I am
interested in the things which are talked about... but I recently had half
an hour and a $100 gift certificate to spend in Barnes and Noble, Dallas
before catching a plane home to the UK, .... I picked up the Goodwin book
and am finding it fascinating reading ... I started in the middle (I
always do that with books - what does that say about me folks??!!) Jackie
has inspired me to go back to the beginning.

What I am exploring at the moment is the difference between transformation
and transition ..... any thoughts folks??

>I see here that Goodwin teaches at Open University...hmm, fancy that, the
>same august halls as the Maturana seminar...

Actually, Jackie, the Open University does not really have 'august
halls' .. or at least they are more virtual than real...

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