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Mark Van Buren (
Thu, 20 Mar 97 12:32:35 EST

Rene Kunze <> writes in "Tools &
methods of OL LO12506,"

> Request for input: Knowledge Management - Organizational Learning
> We, at the department of personnel management and leadership studies at the
> Technical University of Chemnitz, would like to ask you for cooperation.
> Currently, we work on a study examining tools and methods of organizational
> learning.

Your request for information on organizational learning tools reminds me
that we (ASTD) is in the process of updating our "Guide to Learning
Organization Assessment Instruments". I believe Tony DiBella, an author
of two of the tools in the guide, and others have made mention of the
guide before on this list. The guide currently features 18 leading
instruments from around the world. Let me know if you would like to
obtain a copy of it.

Also, I encourage any author of a LO assessment instrument who is
interested in being listed in the guide to contact me by April 18. For
now, there is no charge to be listed in the guide. This year, the entire
guide will appear in an upcoming issue of Training and Development
magazine so you will receive rather wide exposure.

Mark Van Buren, Ph.D.
Senior Research Officer
American Society for Training and Development


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