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Tony Barrett (tonyb@uires.RESNET.UIDAHO.EDU)
Thu, 20 Mar 1997 09:06:10 PST

Responding to LO12940 and LO12942

Dear Fran, Stephan, other Org learners:

I share your interest in seeing teaching organization move to becoming
LOs. Presently, I work for the University of Idaho full time and have
been working part-time toward a Ph.D. in Education with an emphasis in
Adult Learning and Learning Organizations. I have found very little
written specifically for "higher ed" but there are some writings that are
applicable and transferable. For example , check out Chris Argyris'
"Teaching Smart People How To Learn" Harvard Business Review May-June
1991 (pp.99-109) or Edgar Shein's "Three Cultures of Management: The Key
to Organizational Learning" Sloan Management Review/Fall 1996 (pp 9-20.)
Also check http://www.amazon.com for the latest books on LOs. I'll share
more as this semester finishes up.

I hope we sharpen each each other thinking, researching, and writing. In
the future I hope to make some changes and apply myself full time to this
topic. It would be great if more on the list would chime in on this
important topic.

>From the soggy springtime in the NW,


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