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Shakeel Pal wrote:

>....clarifying the notion of "Learning organizations" as it appears in
>the proposition put forth by Mr.Senge in the "Fifth Discipline" and the
>ones put forth by
>Mr.Garvin as they appear in the 1993 August - HBR article "Building a
>Learning Organization".
>Is the concept of learning organization just an extenuation of CIP and/or
>TQM or is it "over and beyond"?

Is it a natural tendency for proponent of an idea (Learning Organisation,
TQM, ReEngineering...) to treat the idea as the central focus of the
universe, like-wise the respective followers would like to treat the idea
as "THE WAY".

It is unfortunate as we loose opportunity for synergy creation.
Individual learning becomes less effective if one shifts his or her
learning focus from one fragmented idea to another, un-connected,
un-related to each other.

Maybe we need a great new Idea that can integrate, align, capture the
essence of the learning and put in pratical and good use that can benefit

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