Senge and Garvin LO12938
Wed, 19 Mar 97 16:20 PST

Hello Readers

For those who are interested I would like some help in clarifying the
notion of "Learning organizations" as it appears in the proposition put
forth by Mr.Senge in the "Fifth Discipline" and the ones put forth by
Mr.Garvin as they appear in the 1993 August - HBR article "Building a
Learning Organization".

Some of the questions that occurred to me were:

Are they talking about the same thing?
Are they contradicting each other?
Are the underlying premises of both the writer similar?
Is there some sort of a guiding model for learning orgaizations?
Is the concept of learning organization just an extenuation of CIP and/or TQM or
is it "over and beyond"?

I would be very interested in any comments regarding the above questions.


Shakeel Pal


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