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Thomas Benjamin (BENJAMIN@fac.irm.ernet.in)
Thu, 20 Mar 1997 11:47:47 +0500 EST

Reply to LO12940 by Fransisco J Leal

This may not be what Fransisco wanted but may be of some use to him and

I have offered an optional course in Organisational Development for
students undergoing a postgraduate in Rural Management which is equivalent
to an MBA. I have alloted one session on LO out of 30. The session time is
70 minutes.

The purpose is to introduce what LO is and give them an appreciation of
its disciplines. Last year, it was just a way of linking the elements to
people who I think have used these principles in their managing because of
their style. I wrap up by pointing out the facilitation skills learnt
during the course.

This year, the class was given an exposure to the salient points of LO, by
a group of students who reviewed Peter Senge's Fifth Discipline and Field
book. I picked up a turn around experience of a mission hospital after
its decline from its golden era. The reasons for the decline and the turn
around practices had a few elements for the students to discuss and
recognise about elements of LO.(The case was "Opportunity to do more" by
Dr. Ajay Joseph, published in the Christian Medical Journal of India
July-Sept 96).

This years session was more effective. Regards.

Thomas P Benjamin
Institute of Rural Management
Anand 388 001 India
Email: benjamin@fac.irm.ernet.in


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