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Tue, 18 Mar 1997 19:00:35 +0200

Replying to LO12917 --

Dear participants of the learning-org list,

I have been following your discussions for a while and I have enjoyed them
very much. I am especially grateful for many helpful Internet-addresses and
references to important articles. Unfortunately, I am usually so busy that
I have not much time to comment on many interesting ideas presented on this
forum. However, the notes of Rick on the Maturana seminar made me finally to
stop my reader's position, because I am just writing a book on this topic
and I would like to present you some preliminary chapters which (if I
understand correctly) deal just with the same difficult problems, with which
Matura was dealing in his seminar. So, please, if you have time look on my
homepage especially at two manuscripts:

...and you will see how a sensory physiologist and psychophysiologist
(being my main research area) may come from his research to very similar
conclusions as (it seems to me on the basis of Rick's notes) Maturana has
come. I appreciate all comments and criticism!

Timo J=E4rvilehto



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