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Tue, 18 Mar 1997 10:05:04 -0500 (EST)

Hello LO readers,

Richard Karash has given me permission to send you this announcement about
two programs for those of you who are working with dialogue and might be
interested in further exploration. For more information contact Glenna
Gerard, The Dialogue Group at Glenna49@aol.com, or phone 714-497-9757.

Be well...and thank you all for the work that you do to support people in
the work of discovering and creating collective wisdom and learning.

Glenna Gerard, The Dialogue Group

NEXT STEPS IN DIALOGUE: Expanding & Deepening our Capacity for Dialogue

PURPOSE: To expand and deepen our capability and capacity for dialogue
and develop skills for facilitating groups in its practice.

DESCRIPTION: The program has two component workshops which may be
attended singly or in combination: Deepening the Dialogue and Facilitator
Competencies. Objectives, outlines and logistics for both programs are
given below. Both of these programs require that you have attended our
Introduction to Dialogue or Dialogue as a Way of Life programs or a
similar experience such as the Dialogos Foundations program.

DEEPENING THE DIALOGUE: Our overarching purpose is to venture into new
territory, to go where we have not been before, both in terms of our
practice of dialogue and our learning around a theme or call that we
sense is of emerging importance to our work and our world. This year we
gather to inquire into the call for shared leadership. How is our
thinking about leadership evolving? What does it mean to be a leader in
the context of creating equal partnerships and collaborative
relationships? What is asked of us? What capabilities do we need to
respond? How can our practice field of dialogue further our learning?

In our four days together we will reflect on how collective thought arises
and shared meaning unfolds. We will weave multiple verbal and non-verbal
modalities such as art, music, movement, meditation and collective shadow
work with contingent and non-contingent dialogues. At the completion of
our time we expect to have broadened and deepened our capacity to
consciously engage in dialogue and the creation of shared meaning.

The design of Deepening has been crafted to provide a container that can
both hold our exploration into uncharted territory and encourage us to
stretch our perceptual envelopes.

Dates: July 13 - 17, 1997, Gold Lake, CO (outside Boulder)

FACILITATOR COMPETENCIES: What is the role of facilitation in dialogue?
Whose responsibility is it? How can we as facilitators and participants
enhance the unfolding of meaning within the individual and group? to what
are we attending? What role can dialogue play in large groups and diverse
contexts? Each time we engage in dialogue we live within these questions.

This program is a living experiment and exploration of facilitation: what
we think it is, how we do it, our underlying assumptions around it and how
all this relate to dialogue. We explore ways in which working with tacit
structures, conflict and reactive patterns can impact our ability to be in
dialogue. We will also consider possible interfaces between dialogue,
open space, future search, process work and models developed by the
Institute of Cultural Affairs and Interaction Associates.

Dates: Sept. 9-12, 1997, Gold Lake, CO.



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