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> Here is my situation...I am currently in the final stages of my master
> program for Human Resource Development. In April, I have to do a 30
> minute presentation for my classmates (as if they were real HRD
> professionals) and the topic I chose is learning organizations. I have to
> focus on how learning organizations impact HRD.
> PLEASE give me ideas....anything will help, what can I do different, what
> would you do? any activities that some of you may have done to demonstrate
> learning organzations. Any advic ewill be helpful!!!!

It is my experience that the most important aspect of explaining LO
concepts to a new audience is to demonstrate the importance of systems
thinking in their area. Explain what taking a systems approach to HRD
might mean, what new insights it might bring, the problems it might avoid,
etc. Particularly relevant are ideas about goals and goal conflict,
control sub-systems using feedback, entropy and proper resourcing,
system's stress, etc.

Your problem is that to help your audience experience a shift in their
thinking, "metanoia - as Senge calls it", you will need more than half an
hour. Perhaps starting by quoting the second and third paragraph of P59
Of Senge (The Fifth Discipline 1990) then relating it to HRD is as much as
you will manage before moving on.

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