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Chau Nguyen (
Tue, 11 Mar 1997 14:30:53 -0800

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I could not help but to share my own PMS (i know this abbreviation sounds
kind of weird, and could be misunderstood, but i like it). My PMS has
been with me since i was very young , and was influenced by the way i was
raised. It is "to be a good person". Everything i do in life, i do with
this intention, to be a good person. I don't have any framework for my
actions, as long as it does not contradict "being a good person", then i
can do it with peace. It is not complicate at all. It's just there,
where ever i go. I never thought of it as a PMS, until these postings.
It is the guiding principal to which i live by. I often found that in
this culture, we tend to make things more complex then they ought to be.
I am very close to believe that here, if it's not complex enough, then it
does not have that much value. Why? I don't know.
Maybe it's our tendency to quantify stuffs?

phuoc-chau nguyen


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