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[Host's Note*: ...Continuing the humor in Lon's LO12834 and LO12844]
* The above contributed for the host by the author.

In a previous posting, Lon Badgett expressed come concern about my posting
with Humor. So, I thought to express a more serious side in this
explanation of possible rules for the group.

It remains an essential component of effective communications that all
posters, organlearners, and others capture and epitomize their postings
with obscure yet tangible multi-polysyllabic words. This is proposed so
that a minority understand their actual meaning or meanings and that most
would feel embarrassed to question their content or obscure construct.
This has bandwidth implications as previously mentioned.

Referring to a previous definition as a linguistically transparent
example, phraseology should be promulgated as pragmatically as possible
with minimalized nonsectarian nonsequitors. An example is as follows:

>"Empowerment implies individualistic conceptual forbearance pyramided
>upon a congruent pragmatic organizational ideology. Success requires
>vertically-oriented ethical integrity barren of innuendo and rhetoric;
>desired behaviors must be imbricated in and linked to transparently
>luminous operational alignment and flexible interdepartmental
Scott Simmerman

All should strive to not get enmeshed in dichotomous illusions of
epistemological alternatives and structure one's communications to
maintain a strong relevant portfolio of evangelical thesbian diatribes to
promulgate desired esoteric admonitions while avoiding all sinister

The polysyllabic linguistic expressions of finite semantic propensity
should be, in fact, veracious and concord minimal loss of lucidity when
grammatically and sedulously optimized in length to augment
inter-sentential utilization, in the active case, and support semantic
pedagogical isomorphisms.

This structure may be, however, pedantic and signficant caution should be
inherent, unless such extrinsic expressions are translationally invariant,
thereby facilitating cognitive retention and inhibiting rampant reversals
to baseline learnign disciplines.

I didn't say that I didn't say it.
I said that I didn't say that I said it.
I want to make that very clear.
-- George Romney

So, I trust that this helps clarify our communications forthwith.

For the FUN of It!

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