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Tue, 04 Mar 97 17:00:38 gmt

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Yes, I would. But you may find of interest the SOLAR project at Nene
College, Northampton on 7th - 9th May 1997. There is a two day
workshop on Dialogue. Tel 01604 735500.

Ian Yeoman
Napier University

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Subject: London Focus Group? LO12738
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Date: 03/03/97 05:38

Is anyone out there interested in meeting informally to discuss
LO/change-focussed issues in London (UK)? This is a shot in the dark from me,
but I hope something will come from it. Personally, I would find it an
invaluable experience to have a real-life animated discussion focused around
some of the topics and principles of LOs - and the problems encountered in
dealing with these.
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