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Ian Lawson wrote :

>At a company one of the strong assumptions revealed by the management team
>was: "fellow managers are guilty of corruption". This came from a fairly
>down-the-line diagnosis based on Argyris' method.

As observers, the above is common out-of-focus behavior by many.
There are many management sidetracks (above is one of them).
I had responded to a Newspaper column on issue of "Managers :
Male or Female" debate, with an article "Management Sidetracks -
Process or Sexes?" as per my homepage
In essence, if there is no Directional Focus towards a clear
Vision, much energy will be dissipated wastefully. Usually there
are two parties involved in this wasteful drain of energy :
the proposal (usually the management) and the "reactors" (usually
the affected staff or personnel). Both get trapped in a
vicious circle with no breakout.

Andrew Wong
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