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Wendy, you wanted a starting point regarding leadership trends. Anything
you write will have to deal explicitly with the changing requirements
imposed by flatter, more decentralized organizations. Max DePree's notion
of 'roving leadership' is worth a close look. It's from his book
"Leadership is an Art," a seminal work in the field.

Another very good place to start is an article by David Hurst, a member of
this list. "Cautionary tales from the Kalahari: how hunters become herders
(and may have trouble changing back again)" was published in the Academy
of Management Executive, 1991, Vol.5, #3. His description of the
leadership system used by the Bushmen of the Kalahari neatly extends
DePree's idea in a systemic way, and places it in a real world context.

David has also written a book which explores this dynamic in more depth,
extends the insights throughout the life-cycle of the organization, and
incorporates leadership insights from a number of his other articles. I
liked it a lot:

"Crisis & Renewal: Meeting the Challenge of Organizational Change" is
published by Harvard Business School Press (c) 1995.

If you want to e-mail David directly, an illuminating intro and his e-mail
address are in the web site archives. Go to
(http://world.std.com/~lo/archives.html), and look for the "Self
introductions of participants..." link.

Best of luck,

Joe Katzman kat@pathcom.com
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