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Replying to LO12639 -- was: Intranets For Organizational Learning
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>From Leandre Maillet:
> One more interesting element of intranet for learning would be to create
> "virtual" learning groups. Hence we would not only use intranet to
> improve communication but as a learning tool. For instance, it might be
> that a manager does not have the time (or money) to go on a 3-day course....
> A virtual leaning organization would allow one to take the course during
> his /her time, it could be anonymous and much cheaper.

Just a quick note on some new technology that learning-org readers may be
interested. Stand-alone micro-world type simulators (such as People
Express Management Flight Simulator) have long been a tool for learning
corporate strategy, understanding systemic structure, team building, etc.
Such simulators can now be put on the Internet or a corporate intranet
with Powersim Corporation's new "Powersim Metro" web server. I can imagine
a comprehensive intranet-based training program that would include a
simulator as a training tool along with hyperlinked readings, discussion
groups, projects, etc.

(For more information and some demos, Powersim's home page is

[Host's Note: Thanks, Will. From I separate communication, I hear that it
requires Netscape 3.0 or Internet Explorer 3.0 to run these demos, and
that you must have Java enabled. Will, or anyone else, have you tried the
demos? How well does a system dynamics simulation run under Java?


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