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I thought your efforts were valuable, but did not pick up the teaching you
were doing. I don't have much history with this org, although I did make
efforts to browse through the archives to get a feel for what is going on.

It seems quite often the inner circle ends up selling us a bill of goods
that doesn't really fit the current situation. The approach works or
worked for them but it doesn't fit or isn't adapted right to work for now.
This is why I believe the wider the vision of approach then the greater
the chance of successful change.

To clarify: Like everyone runs around filling out this TQM data, but then
they don't focus on the real (source) problem because of fear, politics or
both. If the best answer needs the viewpoint from the corner of the room,
then how can the org keep open to listen to that opinion and keep moving?
If science holds great answers and insight for Margaret Wheatley does that
mean it will work for me in a given situation? I believe sometimes yes and
at other times no.

I guess I am also talking about being situation specific in our circles
and our interventions rather than locked into a theoretical framework,
however loosely that may be defined. I want to be open to every variable
possibility in looking for the best solution.

I am going to take the liberty of sending this through the learning org,
because this is "learning dialogue". Hopefully worthwhile to others.

Kevin Murphy


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