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GSCHERL wrote:

> Coincidence or not, I'm just in the process of listen to a tape
>series in the car ... Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus which
>discusses the major differences the sexes still find today. Although
>generalization, it is still more 'norm al' for the women to be emotional
>and feeling, and the men to be business-like and thinking...

I am a counselor who has been a lurker on this list. I have
noticed different communication styles. I have noticed men think more
linerally than women. It may have to do with socialization and women
think more in circular terms and how our behavior effects others due to
our place in our families and societies. We are the caretakers of others
emotions and feelings in other relationships. we grow up being allowed to
coomunicate our feelings more readily. I think men and women have a great
deal to learn from one another to balance out our abilities and make both
sexes more rounded in their approach to and interaction with life.
Feelings and openess can be scary for anyone. I admire people who share
from their heart as it takes a lot of risk and it isn't rewarded within
the outside world in this country (however, some cultures are more
rewarding than others). Also we should be careful not to judge too
quickly as in some cultures sharing feelings isn't allowable. The effort
is made not to create dissent by differing feelings buyt to create
consenual worlds with the elders opinion outweighing the indviduals. I
have a difficult time with Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus
because it supports the patriarchal role definitions inherent in our
culture. However, it is a starting point to recognize where we are at and
than move toward equality and the ability to choose how we interact and
what role we play.

Alexandra Jackson


Alexandra Jackson <alex1@aloha.net>

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