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Thu, 16 Jan 1997 00:59:59 -0800

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Mnr AM de Lange wrote:
> Debbie Broome wrote
> > At says:
> >
> > "When I go in the wild, I open myself to everything... Thus I have to
> > move slowly and with great concentration."
> >
> > This struck me given some of the challenges I am facing as a change agent.
> > Whether intentional or not, this post reminded me to move slowly when
> > attempting change in an organization. I forget, I am so excited about
> > what I think learning can do for all of us, and those that are opposed to
> > change and openness and accountability will become very agressive when
> > trapped.
> Dear Debbie and other organlearners,
> You are very perceptive. But remember, it applies to the hunting of
> succulents - openhearts. If you want to hunt big moving game, you must
> move faster and with greater deception like a lioness on the kill. She
> covers 100 meters, crawling on her belly, in grass which barely hids her
> back, in less than 4 minutes. (To see it will give anyone the shakes like
> I had. I was glad that I was not the prey.) She seldom misses her target
> because she has to provide for the family.

Does this mean that business is simply an extension of the old
hunter-gatherer model that most modern souls try to blame on someone else
while justifying mauling them?

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