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Bill Harris (billh@lsid.hp.com)
Wed, 15 Jan 97 16:52:07 PST

Replying to LO11928 --

Ben wrote:

>business in my department. The other 105 people just do their job, and
>don't really think about how to improve our work. Honestly the five of us
>are running out of steam. Someone else needs to pick up the slack, but no
>one is stepping forward.
>Can anyone help me explain these dynamics?

I have a question (and it pertains to the talker issue and this one, too).
Before I ask it, I must say I'm not intending it to be any form of attack.

Is there something that those five are doing inadvertently which is
inhibiting the others from picking up the slack? Perhaps the initiative
those five are showing indicates that the others don't need to step up
their contribution? Perhaps if the five spent a bit more of their time on
team formation and dynamics issues the work would be divided more evenly?

Perhaps not, but I sometimes wonder.

I know that not everyone will contribute in the same way or at the same
level. I have seen a group address this and improve the balance.


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