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I agree with you. You just reminded me of how I act on my healthy days.
"Here I am world. This is what I do. It's up to me to find the best
place to use my talents. If we can't discuss how this can work to both our
satisfaction then it's time for me to take a walk."

Everyone in the organization learns and holds important knowledge. The
organization possesses its own learning. Each sphere of knowledge needs
respect and creativity. Both are of utmost import and at the same time
are just small bytes of value.

I am reminded of a student project, where they build huge suspension
bridges from toothpicks. Each toothpick represents a bit of learning and
the suspension bridge the combined synergy. When synergy propels us into
meaningful action then individual learning needs to be able to step aside
and when personal learning lights a brighter path then the organization
should be able to help pave the way.

Both the individual and the org can only respond by keeping active and in

God, I love this list.

Kevin Murphy


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