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On the subject of Retaining Kowledge Workers, my observation is as follow:

1.0 There are many 'creative' ways to retain staff,
mostly concentrated on Quantity aspects, NOT Quality
i.e. More Pay, Bonus, Promotion, Share Options etc.
2.0 In some cases, staff leave earlier because of
big bonus to help them to start their own business
3.0 Little Creativty is made on the QAULITY aspects.
I find a good thinking framework for such
Creativity in Maslow's Law a) basic needs b) security
c) socialisation d) Recognition e) Self actualization.
Most of the incentives are still focused on
a) and b) the very primitive stages. Knowledge
workers leave for experiment and discover their
own potentials in c), d) and e) since the Company
or Corporation is not creactive enough in that domain.
Given the present Structure and Culture, they can't
be also.


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