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Mnr AM de Lange (AMDELANGE@gold.up.ac.za)
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Jeff Marchek wrote in LO11798

>> although TQM brought valuable insights and applications, it
>> will eventually become a too simplistic solution."

> I see a learning org as an opportunity for organizations to explore and
> expand their potential using creativity and a lust for learning. This is
> why I want to "push" my company along the trail toward the ideals of an LO
> instead of stopping after ISO & TQ M goals are seemingly met.

I agree with you. I liked the word 'lust' because it captures the essence,
namely spontaneous learning. When we think of spontaneous learning, we may
think of a fully charged battery which can supply the electricity for
turning the starter motor, firing the ignition and glowing the lights.
However, a battery can get broken and thus get flat, much more frequently
than the alternator which have to keep the battery charged. Spontaneous
learning can get flat. Using all sorts of external measures like ISO and
TQM to push the car until the alternator steps so that the car gets going
on its fuel, brings only temporary relieve. Once the engine is switched
off, the broken battery remains flat.

We can either replace the battery or repair it. Very few people know how
to prevent battery failure or how to repair it. Thus they rather buy a new
battery every two to three years. It seems to be the same in
organisations. Fire the flat failures and hire new ones still full of
spontaneous learning. You have supplied the remedy in the same sentence.
Keep the battery in perfect condition by creative explorations.
Experiencing creative emergences recharges the battery so that no external
work and control is necessay. It is these emergences which prevents
battery failure.

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