Disappointment -- No soul? LO11821

Donald (safe@erols.com)
Sat, 04 Jan 1997 19:09:07 -0800

Replying to LO11800 --

LonBadgett@aol.com wrote:

>.... I favor this list over most of the others I view because it is
> moderated and is not a chat line. (This means I don't have to put up with
> the inane dribble of pre-pubescents who think written communication
> requires rudeness or excessive profanity. Thanks Richard for filtering
> this stuff so well)

I think one way (for me and others) to look at it is that even though it's
easy to freely write what is one one's mind, if we think of being in a
"workshop" or "seminar" and keep our conversation, postings suitable for
that environment ... it seems that's what is needed here, no?

Yea, I can operate that way, although it seems like a step backward to me,
information highway, digital age, etc...

I really think we could work out any potential problems that might arise
by less filtering,and that it might be more useful, or provide an even
better learning situation.

But this is good... (deep bow of respect to all)

I do respect and appreciate everyone on this list, and hope this continues
forever... (and grows and prospers ... with knowledge and wisdom)


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