Disappointment -- No soul? LO11773

Omar (safe@erols.com)
Thu, 02 Jan 1997 17:47:51 -0800

Replying to LO11711 --

Although i've posted a few times they've all been censored, refused kicked
back, and not released or posted here by the moderator, in fact i doubt
that this one will go through...

For one thing my background, i'm sure is very different from most on this
list (Chemical Engineer turned Telecom Engineer)

[...short snip by your host, with Donald's permission...]

Since my messages get kicked back, hay, why write? some of this crap makes
my mind boil (which is what i think Sherry is saying in a nice,
politically correct way) ... but a lot of it is golden absolutely
fantastic... i always pay attention to certain people's posts, and save
them for later reading, there are (it seems to me) a couple of people here
operating on a higher plane...

but then there are lots of others who have an education and little
practical experience, others who quote widely (but thoughtlessly) i mean
just because Tom Peters says something it doesn'n mean it's right ... he
is so overrated ... just because he has a great speaking voice, he can get
a point across so well, doesn't mean those points are all absolutely
correct for all situations ... it's just a little temporary wisdom ...

anyway, back the the heart thing Sherry wrote about... the danger for me
in posting from the heart and not toning the message down is the i get

I'm also on some unmoderated lists and they do go crazy with assholes
screaming at assholes often... but they sure are interesting ... and i
think people learn a lot more when their true feelings are allowed to

One more quick thing... i learned early on from some manager somewhere
that "managers never let their subordinates know how they truely feel"
once i found out that, i decided to be careful about revealing my true
feeling to my managers... this is an old philosophy, but i'm sure it's
still in effect...

once you develop the habit of not revealing your feelings, it stays
with you, no?

Spectrum Analysis & Frequency Engineering, Inc
Donald Jennings


Omar <safe@erols.com>

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