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Linda G'day .

I agree ovewrall with what you say.

I find that when I give myself unconditional positive regard then issues
like power, control etc. are not relevant. I am me, therefore I am

When I measure my sense of self worth by conditional regard (eg how much
money, control. power I have compared to others.), I find that I get
depressed because my life seems like a failure.

Unfortunately as I get older and the making of enough money to send my
kids to school, uni. etc. gets harder, I find that I lapse into
conditional regard more often. Hence I feel depressed more often.

I think that this is one of lifes struggles. Was this what was meant when
it was said: to be in the world but not of it.

My only point of disagreement is that I do not believe that there is a
power greater than ourselves.

I think that it is within us.



At 12:12 8/01/97 -0500, Sinte@aol.com wrote:
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>Some where in here is a metaphysical reality that we must first think and
>then we create. If we think we will loose power by giving something away
>we are wrong. We get more powerful by giving it away. Our Western
>Culture has a lot to learn about true reality and our relationship to a
>power greater than ourselves. I think our Western cultural archetype that
>we can control everything should be challenged. Look at the lives of
>people who have given it away, did we consider them without power? Look
>at Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Mother Theresa. If our values remain
>rooted in money, power, and control, where is the value in just living,
>sharing and brotherly love?
>Linda Ortberg

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