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Wed, 8 Jan 1997 12:12:43 -0500 (EST)

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I downloaded a lot of the discussion yesterday that I had not had a chance
to really think about and spent time reading the discussions about
dispersing knowledge. It seems that we are all concerned about a topic
involving transmitting knowledge to others. We have all heard the adage
that "knowledge is power" and that the central issue that we are dancing
around is that very idea. No One Wants to give up power and by giving
away our knowledge, we in effect give away our power and ultimate control
over others. I think this is why Dr. Demings point on breaking down
barriers between departments has not been very successful. People do not
want to give away their power, or perceived power because then they think
that they loose control and actually mentally create the lose in their

Some where in here is a metaphysical reality that we must first think and
then we create. If we think we will loose power by giving something away
we are wrong. We get more powerful by giving it away. Our Western
Culture has a lot to learn about true reality and our relationship to a
power greater than ourselves. I think our Western cultural archetype that
we can control everything should be challenged. Look at the lives of
people who have given it away, did we consider them without power? Look
at Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Mother Theresa. If our values remain
rooted in money, power, and control, where is the value in just living,
sharing and brotherly love?

Just some thoughts.

Thanks to everyone who post here. I really enjoy the threads and discussion.

Linda Ortberg
Graduate Student
Dallas Baptist University
Asst. Prof.
Tarrant County Jr. College
Email: Sinte@AOL.COM



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