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Joe Katzman wrote:
> > The W2 legislation currently has minimal time provisions for training
> > for current and future welfare recipients before they must obtain
> > employment. The union and the administration have developed a high level
> > of alignment in how to deal with this legislation, as well as how to
> > change it to more effectively meet the needs of both the state and the
> > welfare recipients.
> In other words: "Yes, they can work together. Provided they are faced with
> an immediate external threat to both of their interests, and a deadline to
> concentrate the mind."
> What about less drastic situations?


Seems to me that the answer to your question lies somewhere within the
notion of leadership versus management. The ability to build a shared
vision and values and to focus energy toward internally-driven goals in
the absence of clear external threats is a lot of what good leadership is
all about, whether one is talking about the civilian sector, government
service or the military, for profit or no, wartime or peace, etc. In the
South, the internal tension that galvanizes action is often related to the
"WIIFM," the "what's in it for me?" Whether people are driven to make a
difference at work or to plan theie weekend activities depends upon who
and what has grabbed their attention.

People always follow some course... whether that course is intentional and
focused is paramount to whether the situation improves...

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