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Rol Fessenden (76234.3636@CompuServe.COM)
06 Jan 97 21:54:41 EST

Replying to LO11673 --

Clyde describes very effectively the process a man went through in giving
a flip, and thus misleading response to someone who was putting him under
the microscope regarding his behavior.

"The man's response (personal problem) was probably as much a defensive
reaction brought about by being confronted with a contradiction between
reality as it exists according to HIM and reality as it exists according
to a large number of "other people." In order to reduce this tension a
flip response is often used and the "blame" for the problem, situation, or
the contradiction is mentally shifted to the large number of "others."
This reduces the tension that the man is experiencing and allows him to go
on maintaining his constructed reality."

Wonderful description of too many of all of our behaviors at times. A
small example of similar behavior that many of us may have engaged in is
particularly relevant at this time of year, right after the holiday
over-eating season. How often have we decided to go on a diet, failed to
really follow through, and then responded defensively (or flippantly) when
probed by a spouse about our progress? Me for one. It has taken me years
to skip all the in-between steps and go directly to failure. The outcome
is no better, but my relationship with my spouse is better, and my
self-esteem is improved as well. Well, at least it has fewer
self-inflicted bruises.


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