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Mon, 30 Dec 1996 13:05:09 +0000

Replying to LO11598 --

> I'm sure that without visuals we're losing half the potential
> communication we could enjoy, perhaps more.

Here are some echoes for the conversation :)

Yes, possibly much more; however, meaningful graphics that are defined to
the nth level take considerable time and tools to create. The other side
to that is that graphics don't have to be very involved or comprehensive
or meaningful outside the context of spoken communication (like drawing a
map while talking to someone about a location). It's possible that the
animated effects of drawing (sequence, emphasis, "motion highlighting"
(pointing again at the location on the map) significantly increase
comprehension (or, alternatively, help to keep attention focussed).

> How could we have visuals on learning-org? Is there any way we could have
> images, diagrams, charts and graphs (and cartoons!) with internet standard
> email packages?

One option would be through everyone's continuing increase in knowledge of
and increasing participation in networking. Maybe the population who could
"put something online" to go with their note could increase. Then notes
could contain Internet addresses for the additional information. We could
also advocate participating in the Learning Organization list through the
WWW. (I understand that some of the ideas are not new :)

Sometimes (my opinion regarding the introduction of technology) overview
is not provided as the vision that draws people to the intended use of
technology. ("Oh, I myself could put something online and mention it to
others. Then they could go and find the information when they choose to do
so.") It took me years (maybe three or four) to believe that buttons
provided in graphical program environments were really useful. I could
reason that they were good and may have answered that they were; yet no
one told me the answer (certainly, no one who had repute with me as being
knowledgeable said "yes, we planned for the use of these objects for
interaction; it's not just a default; it's actually the best that we've
known how to do thus far.") So I would rearrange them in my thinking - is
there a better way - is it easier to use something on the screen that
looks like something from real life - should I seek for the higher good
that the packagers did not provide?

So the shared view that WWW references prepared to go with comments in a
note was a good way to enhance the conversation could be a highlighted
destination on the map. "Hmm, the world's largest ball of twine; oughta go
there someday." :)

Again, I'm not personally recommending (advocating) that we emphasize
"putting info online". It is pleasant, though, to have the option of
putting something online as a means of conveying it to someone else.

Have a nice day
John Paul Fullerton


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