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Sun, 29 Dec 1996 21:46:13 -0500 (EST)

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Hello Michael --

I'd certainly like to have visuals here in our learning-org discussion!

I'm sure that without visuals we're losing half the potential
communication we could enjoy, perhaps more. The tradeoff, as I've seen it,
is you can have diagrams if you limit yourself to an internal, one-vendor
system, and you lose the possibility if you want to go wide, as we do in
the learning-org discussion.

How could we have visuals on learning-org? Is there any way we could have
images, diagrams, charts and graphs (and cartoons!) with internet standard
email packages? [So far, I've invited people to fax or email me a gif/jpg,
and link this in the msg for LO readers who use web browsers.]

-- Rick

On Sun, 29 Dec 1996, Michael Gort wrote:

> Groupware does provide one extremely effective tool, which is the ability
> to communicate through pictures, systems diagrams and charts and graphs
> which is lacking from most mail systems. Even if attachments are
> available, our organization (and, I suspect, others) has multiple mail
> systems and clients which are not very effective at sharing attachments.
> In fact, lacking the ability to draw a systems diagram in this discussion
> illustrates the weakness of email tools as groupware. The system that
> accepts or rejects groupware is something like this: as an organization
> begins to understand the value of shared vision, its motivation to create a
> shared vision will rise, which will drive its understanding of how to
> create shared vision with email and groupware, which in turn will lead to a
> better understanding of of the value of shared vision.

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