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Sat, 28 Dec 1996 11:05:32 -0500

Intro - Charles Kerr

I have been a relatively quiet member, enjoying and profiting from this
group. To briefly introduce myself -- I am a "retired consultant" working
actively, on a pro bono basis, with the fine Sandhills Community College
located here in Pinehurst, NC. My background is engineering from
Virginia, an MBA from Harvard, three years as a Navy officer, ten years in
a wide variety of marketing positions with Westinghouse, fifteen years as
president of a division of a venture capital company, five years with a
non-profit technology development organization located in Western New York
and since then consulting in the areas of Total Quality Management,
marketing, and the uses of technology in education. I have a strong
commitment to TQM, education, and the importance of continuous learning.

Thank you, Richard, for your keystone role in this group and to all the
interesting thoughtful contributors.

Charlie Kerr
Charles Kerr & Associates


Charles Kerr <>

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