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> [Host's Note: How are these facilities available to everyman on the net?
> Rules and Folders are available in Eudora Pro. Other email packages? But,
> I don't know where to find threaded messages, except where it is specially
> provided, for example in the Learning-org web pages, in a Notes
> discussion database, etc. ...Rick]

Pegasus Mail has related options. Pegasus is available at least for
DOS, Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. There is no cost for using Pegasus.
Pegasus has a spelling checker and it is easy to copy an email note
as a text file or to bring a text file into an email note. It also
handles attachment files well.

Sort order options
reverse date
subject/reverse date

It is easy to click on a note and move it into another folder.


For more information (including getting the programs)

Any note to the following address will receive an information note.
The online help recommends providing information about the actual
question because a person may answer the note.

Here is an address from the online help

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