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Durval Muniz de Castro (durval@ia.cti.br)
Mon, 23 Dec 1996 09:15:57 -0800

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Bbcompton@aol.com wrote:

> And so I start thinking about the work we're doing with Learning Orgs. I
> begin to think about what we're trying to achieve, what we're creating,
> and how it relates to the exponential rate at which technology is
> evolving. Are our organizations evolving as quickly as technology? Are our
> values evolving at or near the same rate? What happens if technology
> evolves faster than our values, institutions, economic theories, and
> social structures? Will technology cause a type of social implosion,
> creating large-scale economic disruptions and unnecessary warfare?

I think this has already happenned, and we must do something about it!

> I think that we need to be concerned with these issues. They're real, at
> least in my mind. The theories, tools, and methods of a Learning Org must
> continue to evolve at a rapid rate, and gain widespread application, if
> we're to avoid a huge, global catastrophe.

There is a big problem with our values! I think Learning Organization is a
great tool, but we need something else that is beyond the domain of tools.


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