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> Does anyone know of instances where a company's strategy
> deliberately/explicitly included the objective of strengthening its
> competition? Or is this something that only tends to happen as a
> by-product of something else?
> Does Coke have a plan to strengthen Pepsi, Nokia for Motorola, GE for ABB,
> Panasonic for Sony, L.L. Bean for Eddie Bauer and Lands End? Should they?
> I've heard some of the ideas discussed on this thread dubbed "strategic
> altruism" by business researchers. I'm all for altruistic behavior, I
> just wonder to what extent it is cause, and what extent it is
> effect/by-product?

Even considering all the mistrust that might exist between companies, even
those that are exactly in the same market, there has to be a little sense
in business where we understand that we might benefit by helping a
competitor build its strength. I wouild not call this process strategic
altruism because it is more business sense that anything alse. For
instance, most of the products within the Isuzu (a Japanese car maker)
line are sold in some countries under the brand name Chevrolet (an
American car maker). I would say that Chevy executives would want to help
Isuzu build its strengths. The same goes fro Ford and Mazda, ABC and
ESPN, etc.

BTW, I reserve the term altruism for the relationship between human beings
as such, and not to refer to the relationship between compamies, although
I say that organizations are people. A contradiction? Probably!


-- Ivan,


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