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Mon, 16 Dec 1996 23:45:39 -0500

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Mike wrote:

> Rather, information is available but does not move of itself. It is
> our own commitment, intention and interest that has us access what is
> available.

> That same commitment, intention and interest has us announce, invite
> and enrol others to information that we think will benefit them or
> benefit us more if shared.

Recently I've begun to think that those who live and work off of
information already in the organization are "parasites." Those who go
outside the boundaries of the organization, and bring back new information
are "energizers."

For instances, why would I participate on this list when I'm not paid to
do it, and so far it has provided me with no material benefit? Because I'm
leaving the walls of my own organization, learning, and bringing back to
those I work with new information. It is my "commitment, intention and
interest," as Mike puts it, that compels me to do this.

If information is the energy that will propel an organization (which I
think it is), then I'm "energizing" my organization by participating on
this list. Those who do nothing but feed off of information that is
already know are parasites (as in At's parasitical symbiosis).


Benjamin B. Compton

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