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Richard Karash (
Thu, 12 Dec 1996 21:25:56 -0500 (EST)

Greetings -- This is a periodic info posting for people reading

0) Volunteers!
1) How to get the "info file" about learning-org
2) How to spread the word
3) How to leave the list (either temporarily or permanently)
4) Whom to contact if any problems
5) Is there an archive? an index?
6) My role as host

0) Volunteers
Web Search -- John Paul Fullerton <> has graciously
created a web page explaining how to use the Web search engines (e.g.
Lycos and AltaVista) to find material which has been on the Learning-org
list. See his search page at

MS Exchange -- Doug Blair <> can help people who are
participating in learning-org via Microsoft Exchange.

I'm looking for volunteers who would create a "tips" sheet and reply to
questions from subscribers about participating in learning-org from these
environments: AOL, Compuserve, Eudora, Notes, Microsoft Network, etc.

1) How to get the "info file" about learning-org
For information on Learning-Org -- the internet discussion of the
Learning Organization --

Via the Web, the URL is <> and the last
three characters are "tilde-el-oh," not "dash-one-zero."

Or, email our faithful robot,

The subject line is ignored; begin your msg with these two

info learning-org

If you have trouble, please *forward* whatever indicates that there is a
problem to the host at <>

2) How to spread the word
Please copy the few lines in #1 above and pass them on to anyone
interested. Please do not give someone just the list address -- that's
*only* for msgs to be distributed. (People sending "subscribe" requests
to the list address is a real problem here. Please help me avoid these.)

3) How to leave the list (either temporarily or permanently)
First, notice whether you are on the regular list (15-30 msgs a day) or
the Digest list (2-4 long Digests a day). In either case, to leave the
learning-org list send email to

The subject line is ignored. For the regular list, send:
unsubscribe learning-org

If you're on the digest list, then
unsubscribe learning-org-digest

If you get back "not a subscriber..." when you try to leave, check if you
have the right list (learning-org vs. learning-org-digest).

If your email address has ** changed **, you'll have to write me; tell me
the old address you want removed.

To come back, send to the same address
subscribe learning-org

or subscribe learning-org-digest

4) Whom to contact if any problems
Email me anytime with comments, questions or problems. My address is:

Richard Karash <>

5) Is there an archive? an index?
Yes, there's an archive. Complete instructions are in the info file (see
#1 above). The best way to see archived msgs is with a Web browser, and
the URL is

Many of our messages are indexed in the Lycos and AltaVista catalogs of
the Web. There's a pointer on the Learning-Org web pages.

6) My Role as Host
I review all msgs for relevance to the list and for tone consistent with
the learning organization principles we are trying to live.

I hope you're enjoying the learning-org list!


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