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Richard Karash (
Thu, 12 Dec 1996 21:25:56 -0500 (EST)

**IMPORTANT NOTE** -- If you author a msg to the learning-org list, you
will get one or two confusing message saying yours was "Undeliverable

Please IGNORE THESE notices. They just mean that *one* subscriber did not
receive your msg; they are supposed to come to me and I'm trying to
trouble-shoot this situation.

DO NOT send your msg to the list address a second time!


Greetings and thanks for your contributions!

The list address (for msgs to be distributed) is

1) If you receive a strange notice "Your msg undeliverable to..." please
just ignore. It generally means that your msg did not get to one or a few
subscribers. When you receive *your* copy of the distributed msg, that
confirms it went out to everyone. If in doubt, just *forward* confusing
notices to me. Please do not resend your message to learning-org; it could
easily be distributed a second time.

2) Please sign your msg with full name and email address at the bottom.
This is required; some people's mail programs do not display the "from"
address in the msg header. It's also good practice anywhere on the net. I
recommend you include your organizational affiliation, but this is not

Here on LO and in general on the internet, the "right" way to sign your
msgs is

hyphen hyphen space return return signature-text

The text should include name and email-address plus whatever else you
want, but should be reasonably short. Four lines is often suggested. See
my "sig" at the bottom of this msg for an example.

3) When replying to a msg, leave the LO### in the subject line. My
software does the rest (it assigns a new LO### for your msg and inserts
the line "Replying to LO###").

Digest readers: If you are replying to a digest msg, you'll have to *copy*
the subject line from the msg; don't use the subject line
"learning-org-digest V1 #433"; our msgs are indexed by msg number, not by
the edition numbers of the digests.

Please try to make the subject line of your msg *exactly* the same as the
subject line of the msg to which you are replying. My software here takes
care of all the rest.

4) When replying to a msg, try to quote **just enough** of that msg to
establish the context for your readers. Don't quote the entire previous
msg (if you do, I'll delete it or cut aritrarily). Distinguish the text
you are quoting from your own new text.

How to distinguish quoted material:
a) Recommended: Add a line, "John Doe said:" and put a > as the first
character of each quoted line. Many mail programs will do this for you (I
use pine and Eudora)
b) 2nd Choice: Use quotation marks, as in ordinary English writing.
c) 3rd Choice: If necessary, say "*** end of quote ***" after the quoted

Leave a blank line, then start your comments. Do not put a > on lines you
write. Here and everywhere on the internet, the > character means that the
line was written by someone else.

5) The > character is OK, but please DO NOT use the opposite angle bracket
anywhere in your msg except for email addresses and web URLs, like these:

Richard Karash <>

6) When you reply to a message, please consider whether you want your
reply to go to all the LO subscribers... Or just one-to-one to the other

7) Your msgs come to me for review and then are distributed to all
subscribers. This is a 24 hr cycle, so there will be a delay before you
see your own msg.

8) LO msgs stay in the archive, accessible by web, ftp, and gopher, for a
*long* time and may show up in internet searches (e.g. Lycos). If you'd
like to remove anything from the archive, please let me know (by LO###

9) Graphics!!: I can put graphics on the web pages! If you'd like to
attach a graphic to your msg, send the msg as usual, and indicate GRAPHIC
HERE in all caps in the msg where you want the graphic to appear. Fax the
graphic to me at 617-523-3839 with a cover sheet. 1/4 to 1/2 page graphics
are best. No multi-page graphics please. Your msg (sans graphic) will go
to email subscribers, but the web page will show text w/graphic.

10) My Moderator Role: I review msgs for relevance to the list and for
tone consistent with the learning organization principles we are trying to
live. My practice is to communicate with the author if I prefer not to
distribute a msg.

11) Confirmation of your msg: You'll receive a copy of your distributed
msg. If you don't see it in 48hrs, write me (personal address Please DO NOT send any msg twice to the list
address; it could easily be distributed twice to everyone.

12) Commercial msgs, announcements, etc. These are OK, provided they are
- relevant to our topic
- short (e.g. 50 lines of text)
- have an email address and contact name for further info

Thanks again for your contributions! Email me anytime with comments,
questions, or problems.

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