Deep Community LO11341
Tue, 10 Dec 1996 00:08:35 -0500

At wondered what I thought about "deep community." I like the wording and
the concept very much. Socially I'd say there is "deep community" when
those who comprise the society, community, or organization have "one heart
and one mind."

This is only achievable, in my mind, if the society has a few simple
values (or rules) by which everyone lives. This allows for a great degree
of unity, while preserving the sacredness of individual expression.

At, I've spent the last few days thinking about South Africa, and the
struggles that your nation is going through as it seeks "deep community."
(This thought process was born out of a message I received from someone
who had just returned from South Africa; it was a message that has touched
me deeply.) It has reminded me of the struggle my nation went through as
it won its freedom. How similar, I've said to myself, our experiences are.
And yet I'm not sure America should try to assume a "teaching"
relationship with your country; perhaps we should assume a "learning"
relationship; one that allows us to see how you solve the urgent social
problems that challenge your nation. I think, in the end, we may end up
emulating your nation, as eventually America will face a survival crisis
similar to the one you're facing now.

I'm interested to see what "values" emerge in your country that allow a
"deep community" to exist. Please keep me -- and perhaps others on this
list -- posted on the progress, disappointments, and struggles your nation
is going through. This could be a rich learning opportunity for the entire
world (at least as much of the world as participates on this list).

Benjamin B. Compton

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