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>Scott in LO11226 raised the key point of 'ownership' and added
>'leadership' as critical aspects of performance and change. He talked
>about 'experts' and many millions of # or $ or any other currency in all
>probability being spent on 'experts', typically external to the
>organisation, having minimal impact.

It is currently seen as normal for us to look outside of our organizations
for 'experts' instead of looking around and identifying hidden, previously
unrecognized talents and skills in our own people. 'Shadow consulting' can
develop our internal experts and should/could be more common in our
organizations. Experts also have been seen as 'knowing everything that
needs to be learned' when the new version in the learning organization
might be that everyone is a learning expert and be recognized for their
potential and willingness to learn--by actively looking for the expert in
all of us--at whatever level we work in our org.

>Passing on our skills is one of the most important ways that we can help

Agreed! Helping an organization recognize the possibility that their
needed resources are inside right there where they need them to be is a
vital role for the external consultant and provides opportunities to
perpetuate new learnings (that otherwise may be temporary), expands
possibilities of ownership, and energizes groups that previously were
lethargic when "new stuff" was happening. Our role is to be a catalyst for
long term learning not to spoon feed over time.

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