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Fri, 6 Dec 1996 10:02:30 -0500

Replying to LO11279 --

Keith writes:

>Finally, we need to be careful not to believe that there actually is
>such a thing as a system. This is purely a human construct which
>helps in rich picture formulation and subsequent design, analysis,
>engineering, and synthesis. The ideas associated with 'System',
>like those associated with probability lead to useful concepts and
>methodologies but all are weltanschauung driven.

Imagine the difficulty of trying to build the ceiling of a new home before
the walls. The relationship of ceiling to wall involves a logical
progression during construction but a logical interdependence afterward.
The very real system present during construction involves both the
priority and accuracy of construction techniques while the very real
system present afterward involves mutual support of structural members.

So now you think I am going to say that systems do exist and that Keith is
wrong. Actually, I think he is right. Systems exist for me only in
relationship to my perceptions. For example, suppose the new home
mentioned previously was a cave dwelling? A tent? An arch? An ant
tunnel? The "very real systems" I mentioned may apply to a particular
type of frame dwelling common in my experience but not to these other
alternative dwelling types.

So here is the point, if systems exist only in terms of perception, do
your perceived systems exist for me?


Lon Badgett

"If toast falls butter side down you can be sure it is because some ignorent worker buttered the wrong side. " Emil Gobersneke

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