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Roxanne S. Abbas (75263.3305@CompuServe.COM)
06 Dec 96 07:24:34 EST

Several days ago Richard Berger, in response to my statement:

>> Although I can understand their rationale, this
>> practice of restricting the flow of learning violates my value system and
>> I am no longer willing to work under this constraint.

responded with:

>With all due respect, your value system may need further examination.
>Being a LO should not mean that the LO must share its trade secrets on
>an unrestricted basis to its consultants or the outside world.

Since reading Richard's message, I have been trying to think of a real
life situation where I would support restricting learning. I have thought
of two.

1) I have known a few people who I believe to be corupt; who knowingly
and intentionally engage in practices that hurt people or seriously damage
our world. I would not help them to expand and succeed in these

2) If I were struggling to feed myself and my family, I would probably be
much more concerned about my trade secrets.


Roxanne Abbas

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