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Robert Bacal (rbacal@escape.ca)
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Replying to LO11290 --

On 6 Dec 96 at 15:00, Kathryn De Lima wrote:

> There has been some discussion (eg LO11200 and LO11212) about whether
> relationships can evolve and flourish across the Internet. Robert B. and
> Benjamin C. have recently addressed this; with BC stating:
> > I don't think we know yet whether relationships occuring on the net are
> > different or similar to those carried on in other ways. ...

> Well, you get the idea. I consider ours' more than a "virtual" friendship
> and/or working relationship, and look forward to meeting him someday.
> Invitations have already been extended both ways. I wouldn't want ALL or
> even most of my friendships or learning experiences to be electronic, of
> course...

While you clearly have formed a satisfying relationship, that doesn't
really address the question, I don't think, which is are they the same or

> BC had also said:
> > I am hesitant to give technology too much unconfirmed support, simply
> > because, quite frankly, I do not believe it will solve many of society's
> > ills, although it is useful for specific problems.

I think I said that..

> Is technology (and the Net) wothwhile only if it proves to be the great
> savior of society's ills? Is that the only way it can be thought of as
> "good"? Surely as Seekers and Learners, we reading this list in
> particular should be able to see its validity and "beauty" not as some
> Goal to be reached but as an evolving and ever-transforming path we are
> on. We can learn both from what's good as well as what's bad. _If we
> "learn how to learn." This to me is one of the best bits of rationale
> behind the whole philosophy of LO.

I love the technology. I guess I am reacting to the claims of internet
evangelists that are making claims that sound to me to go way beyond what
is reasonable, without having a crystal ball. It is enough, for me that
the internet provides me with entertainment and learning...whether it will
transform society (as several people, even on this list, seem to believe)
is a completely different question. Is the internet the equivalent to the
printing press in terms of it's impact and effect, or is it closer to the
ability to listen to books rather than read them? Is it transformational,
or will it simply be a recapitulation?

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