TQM & LOs LO11292

Thu, 5 Dec 1996 23:39:52 -0500

Replying to LO11268 --

Barry Mallis wrote:

> Secondly, element 4.18, "Training", can cover a broad range of work habit
> issues
> when successfully applied.

Barry, I was wondering if you were going to jump into the conversation.
Glad to see you.

We have used 4.18 liberally, allowing our procedures to be much more
generic. From the word go I knew that detailed procedures would have a
negative impact on our business. For instance, there was no way I could
document how to resolve a complex problem. And so in the procedure we
simply wrote, "Seek to resolve the problem by using the following
resources. . ."

Troubleshooting is a training issue for us, not a procedural issue. Making
this type of distinction can prevent ISO from slowing down your
organization and encroaching too much on the learning opportunities
inherent in work.


Benjamin B. Compton bbcompton@aol.com

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