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Replying to LO11262 --

Thanks At, for sharing such wisdom with us by your wonderful and
insightful story (Remember the stroy-telling thread some months ago?).

> It was probably during that trip that I
> intensely became aware of the new paradigm, namely the 'warden of
> life'. I also discovered that creativity makes the difference
> between life and death.

and then,

> This is what I wish to shair with this forum. Emergent learning is
> real. The pinnicle of emergent learning is to experience cognitively
> a paradigm shift. ............... It is tacit knowledge to the San people.
> I pray it will become formal, objective knowledge for fellow learners
> of this list.
> But you will have to experience it by emergent learning. How? When
> you hear the challenge calling in your field of expertise, go for
> it, even if you realise that it is on the other side of your
> expertise. Let nobody stop you, especially you yourself.

I can hardly wait for your book to be published!

[Sterkte, Kerel]

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