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WOW!!! When I started reading At's listing #lo11262 I was interested and
as I read through it I found myself sitting straighter in my chair and
totally enthralled! <-: Thank you At.

At wrote:
>In terms of what do we measure the production/consumption? Much of the
>western world use money (profit) as the ultimate measuring device. It is
>because of the paradigm 'the engineer and his machine' which they follow.
>They may be a netto producer of money, but other parts in the world is
>fast catching up on their paradigm. However, the looming catastrophy for
>all of them (western eastern, etc) is when they will be forced to
>acknowledge that their paradigm was after all not a netto producer, but a
>netto consumer. In other words, there is another measuring device which
>they should have used to open their eyes, but which they use very little
>at present. This measuring device is life, not merely human life, but all
>of reality which exhibits the signs of life (i.e. deep life). The really
>big problem now is that we have a very minute culture of compensating for

Are you familiar with the book Ishmael? The reason I ask is that the
concepts you are presenting here seem similar to me -- are they? Translate
producer/consumer to givers/takers although as I write I feel the
differences in the words.

> I am much more concerned about my fellow humans. (It is out of this concern
>that I have written the book.) An almost unspeakble catastrophy looms in
>the near future. Those clinging to the pesent paradigm of our civilisation
>(described by the metaphor 'the engineer and his machine') will not make
>it. How do I know it.

Can you disclose more about the catastrophy you see? I have read and
reread this and what you are saying is that we need to think differently
than we currently do. To take the risks required to allow emergent
learning to thrive. I too believe this to be true although I have not
described it as emergent learning. What you are calling a shift in
paradigm I have called a shift in consciousness. Same thing. I feel the
challenge for us is that we do not know how to do it. We have to change
the way we are thinking and we can't use the way we are thinking to
change. Good old catch 22.

>Let nobody stop you, especially you yourself.

Isn't it really always ourselves which stops us?

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