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03 Dec 96 15:29:00 EST

Replying to LO11222 --

John Zavcacki said, in LO11222,

A secondary, and more serious effect, of the ISO industry, is the lack of
trust inherent in the standard and the process by which it is enforced.
All "verification resources" must be independent of the function being
verified.....think about it: you can't trust people to check their own
work, to review their own function, AND you have to hire someone from
outside your organization to verify the entrenchment of your bureaucracy..
--- end of quote ---

Yep. Ain't that a hoot?

I, working on the outside of this, find it totally laughable, especially
since they standards have to do with standards and not at all with quality
and especially quality improvement. In fact, the bureaucracy set up to
manage (manipulate) this stuff often resists continuous improvement. Duh.

One client actually put cardboard Halloween skeletons in some of he
storage rooms so that the examiners, when opening up a door, might come
across a few "skeletons in the closet." Cute, huh? A bit of humor to a
situation that the middle management find terrifying and possibly

One of my cartoons shows a thick notebook with a bunch of dividers; it's
called, "The Big Book of Wagon Pushing" and I use it to emphasize that we
can have lots of policies and procedures for things that we do but that
don't make much sense in reality. The laughs occur when I show the
companion volume of equal size and dysfunctional impact called, "The Big
Book of Wagon Pulling."


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