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Replying to LO11222 --

John, I agree with you when you say

"Although I agree that many of the standards base certifications and
registrations are problematic, it is not because they are based on
standards. These standards are nothing more than templates for the
installation of feedback mechanisms on your business system."

The Oxford English Dictionary list among others the following meanings of

2. Weight or measure to which others conform or by which the accuracy of
others is judged

3. Degree of excellence etc. required for a particular purpose

The problem [IMO of course] is that the prevailing managerial and
consulting paradigm tends to favour the first meaning and ignore the
second - but then the prevailing paradigms have evlved a nice symbiotic
relationship. The danger is that LO adherents, in the rush to criticise
the old paradigm, shoot the messenger [the ISO etc industry] in their
desire to cure the symptoms.

I would assert that those who gain from standards use them to encourage
their own, and their organisations learning. I would also say it can be
done - but I would say that because we make a living doing it.

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