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Durval Muniz de Castro (durval@ia.cti.br)
Tue, 03 Dec 1996 09:27:21 -0800

Replying to LO11212 --

Robert Bacal wrote:

> I am hesitant to give technology too much unconfirmed support,
> simply because, quite frankly, I do not believe it will solve many of
> society's ills, although it is useful for specific problems.
> ...
> Technology ALLOWS us to do
> things...whether those things are better, worse or neutral is another
> issue altogether, and I don't think we have firm answers.

Technological progress is like discovery of unexplored land. If the result
will be good or not does not depend on how fast you occupy the land but on
the way you do it. We have both positive and negative examples. Think
about what happened when europeans occupied America.

The new land opened by electronic communication equipment seems to be a
very rich country. The most significant changes in human history resulted
from new developments in communications technology:

When a primate began to talk, humanity began,

When man learned to write, history began,

When Gutemberg invented the press, modern age began,

What is beginning now?

How could we prepare ourselves to occupy this new land, not only for short
term advantages, but also in the benefit of our children, and the children
of our children?

Has our level of consciousness grown since the time America was
"discovered" or will we repeat the same story?


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