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On 30 Nov 96 at 0:52, Bbcompton@aol.com wrote:

> It was unfathomable to them -- and I'm sure to many other people -- that
> human relationships can evolve and flourish across the Internet. That I
> could have a meaningful relationship with those that participate on this
> list transcended their comprehension, and in some ways creates quite a bit
> of confusion.

I hope I'm not one of those people -grin-, but to be honest I think the
jury is out on this issue. I don't think we know yet whether relationships
occuring on the net are different or similar to those carried on in other
ways. I am hesitant to give technology too much unconfirmed support,
simply because, quite frankly, I do not believe it will solve many of
society's ills, although it is useful for specific problems.

The spectre of television keeps popping into my brain, it being lauded as
a spectacular educational tool (probably true), and the huge unrealized
potential along with heavy investment by educators, pretty much to amount
to nothing, except for isolated successes. Technology ALLOWS us to do
things...whether those things are better, worse or neutral is another
issue altogether, and I don't think we have firm answers.

Besides, I suggest that as usual the technology outstrips our very human
abilities to optimize its use. An example will be in education--where
technology will probably be shoe-horned into existing ways of doing
things...basically a bandaid type thing.

I am currently involved in a similar discussion on an ed. list...here are
some questions:

Does the internet improve or decrease equity in our society?
Will internet communication be used productively or as a toy?
Is electronic "learning" somehow different than directly mediated
Will it result in freer exchange of information or freer exchange of
Will it result in greater exchange or less as people hoard
information, and become more concerned with security?

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